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Paris Memory Pocket Foam Mattress.

The Paris Mattress is a luxurious pocket memory foam mattress. The mattress comprises of 1000 pocket unit which is cocooned in own fabric to give perfect independent support to your body. Upon the pocket spring there is a layer of High Density foam. The memory foam adapts to your bodys temperature which means the foam progressively conforms to the contours of the body and moulds to it, providing optimum support and comfort. The mattress is finished in a stress free fabric, which is hypoallegenic.  

Single (3ft) £149, Double (4'6") £189, Kingsize (5ft) £299.







Cheshire Memory Foam Topper. 

Where memory foam toppers are concerned the Cheshire memory foam topper is sexond to none.Memory foam adjusts to the contours of the body to help you find the most comfortable sleeping position. Memory foam reduces pressures on areas which cause restlessness, resulting in a more restful and satisfying nights sleep.

The cheshire mattress has been finished in an eloquent stress free fabric. The cover has an extensive amount of filling ensuring extra support and comfort.The stress free fabric benefits from anti-dust mites properties and is fully air-conditioned hence eliminating all odours.For easy cleaning the cheshire has a zip removable cover.


1 inch thick foam toppers:   Single (3ft) £49, Double (4'6") £69, Kingsize (5ft) £99.

 2 inch thick foam toppers:     Single (3ft) £59, Double (4'6") £89, Kingsize (5ft) £119





Warwick Summer Foam/Winter Foam

The Warwick is a dual-purpose which has a sumptous warm fillings making those cold winter nights more snug. Flip the mattress over in summer and the upholestry layers are designed to keep you cool all night long. The mattress has been finished in an eloquent stress free fabric which has anti-dust mite properties. 

Single (3ft) £119, Double (4'6") £189, Kingsize (5ft) £269. 






Mayfair - Open Coil Memory Mattress

The Mayfair is made from an Ortho-paedic spring upon which there are sumptous layers of grade A fillings and a layer of high density foam. The mattress is finished in a fine stretch fabric which is hypoallergenic. The Mayfair Visco Elastic foam is typified by it's slow recovery after compression. The Visco elastic memory foam adapts to your bodys temperature, which means that the foam progressively conforms to the contours of the body and moulds to it, providing optimum support and comfort. 2.5cm on memory foam with open coil, hand tufted, finshed in strech fabric, height 26cm.

Due to it's pressure relieving properties the Mayfair mattress effectively reduces the bodily pain caused by unnatural sleeping positions Visco Elastic mattresses are recommended by many Doctors,Health physcians,Chriopractors, Physio Therapists for treatment and prevention of back pain, aching joints, circulatory problems, stiff necks, arthritus and rheumatisim.

Single (3ft) £229, Double (4'6") £259, Kingsize (5') £299









Lisbon - Memory Foam Mattress

The Lisbon is a visco elastic memory foam mattress. The memory foam adjusts to the temperature of the body hence ensuring that your body has constant support.

The mattress has eloquent stress free fabric which has anti dust mite properties as well as being air conditioned.With the mattress having air conditioned fabric this reduces if not completly eliminates all odours. The reverse side of the mattress has a non slip damask covering. The chicago mattress provides you with a very comfortable luxurious nights sleep.

Single (3ft) £279, Double (4'6") £299.





Rome - Memory foam mattress

The Rome memory foam mattress is regarded as one of the best foam mattressess on the market today if not the best. High density polyurethane and exceptionally good memory foam are key features to the huge success of this mattress.The Visco elastic foam is renowned for it's incredible qualities, the ability to conform to the contours of the body, being able to reduce the pressure on certain body points and also being able to keep the spinal colum aligned hence reducing if not completly eliminating all back pain. The Rome mattress has been finshed with a removable zip cover which is machine washable.

The cover is finished in a high quality double Knitted fabric, the fabric itself breathes keeping the mattress fresh and dry hence eliminating dust mites and bacteria.

Single (3ft) £159, Double (4'6") £199, Kingsize (5ft) £239. 






Kensington - Foam Mattress

The Polyurethane foam used is of high density ensuring an orthopaedic feel and long life. The mattress is finished in high quality damask fabric.

Single (3ft) £79, Double (4'6") £99 




Buckingham - Alovera Pocket Memory

The buckingham mattress is made up of 1500 pocket unit with 2" of high density memory foam and finished in an Aloe Vera fabric has hydrating qualities that help stimulate a feeling of well being and rejuvenation.

The gel in the Aloe Vera text contains at least 160 valuable, pure biological substances including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Scientific research has clearly demonstrated the benefical action of Aloe Vera on the skin. A mattress fabric treated with Aloe Vera is not just very pleasant to sleep on, it is also very effective on the energy level.

With a 2" inch layer of memory foam and 1500 count pocket spring the buckingham mattress is one of the very best if not the best mattressess that money can buy. The pocket spring and memory foam provide optimum support and comfort, while the Aloe Vera fabric makes sleeping very pleasureable.


Single (3ft) £199, Double (4'6") £259, Kingsize (5ft) £299.


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